FROM THE DESK OF D.D. MALONE, PI: SURF: Too big to measure. Who cares anyway. WEATHER: Nice here. Wherever "here" is. The worst ever where we came from. NOTES: Woke up drenched and face down on a shore with an angry sand crab biting my ear. Office Dog was stuck halfway up a small tree, panicking. Our little boat smashed to pieces. We are in a mysterious Unknown Land. Far, far away from home. It would have once been a very beautiful place. Now, it's kind of scary. INCIDENT: Last night, sooner than planned, the great storm hit the coast. We hoisted the red and white checkered flag, and rang the emergency bell. There wasn't a person in the beach to be seen. After we set up the doomsday shortwave radio and battened down the storm windows, we decided to ride out the storm with some checkers and root beer. No sooner had we set up the pieces when a thundering roar tore past the beach office, sending them all crashing to the floor. We knew it was that rebel surf kid on that flashy purple dune buggy (I swear I'm going to break it apart). We ran outside into fierce wind and pounding rain only to watch him tear down the beach, do a spinout and then run as fast as he could into the monsterous surf. NOTE: In future, DON'T take a small rowboat out when the surf is high (very bad idea). We made a mistake. We chased him, straight into the mouth of the monster. He lured us - hook, line and sinker. Taken down by a surfer kid. Wow. And now to make things worse, Tubes is in this stange land too. Note to self: Surfers are crafty and nd reckless. In the future, think before acting. Obviously comic book training has not paid off so far. And, well, maybe listen the the Office Dog's advice a little more. In the end, he was right - we shouldn't have followed Tubes. FOLLOW-UP: Will monitor Tubes from the shadows, and stay on the case. We are not prepared and have limited supplies so we are having to use our detective survival skills. We will have to explore every inch of this mysterious new world. Everything is a question that calls for an answer. I will be documenting the entire case in my Surf Dectective Stories notebook. CITATIONS WRITTEN UP FOR: One smashed rowboat, laundry cleaning, one professional dog grooming, one candy bar, and two bags of corn chips.  FROM THE DESK OF D.D. MALONE, PI: SURF: Excellent, Swells 7-9 feet WEATHER: Clear and Sunny, Wind: 14-16 Knots, Water Temp 79 NOTES: Woke up with a jolt early this morning to sound of a thundering dune buggy shaking up the whole place again. Office Dog rattled. Local animals disturbed. No injuries reported. INCIDENT: On Tuesday, around 5:45am, local residents reported they saw the boy roar through the thicket along the dirt road in a purple dune buggy and then he disappeared. Later, the young maverick was sighted surfing just inside of the most dangerous part of the reef in prime shark territory. Later in the morning, after raising the flags, and a fantastic breakfast, the Office Dog and I went to investigate the sound and by early afternoon had discovered a secret hideaway and a surf shack disguised in a rough untouched area where the waves seem to create a perfect tube every time. Took a ‘wait and see’ approach, and will continue mapping and searching the area for other clues. No sign of the dune buggy. NOTE: Very irritating and smelly pelican eating fish and making a terrible mess all over the place. Hammock looks comfortable – noticed a shark tooth necklace on a small table but decided not to take it. The suspect is described as a young, blonde-haired, boy maybe 10-11 years old, 4’0-4’4", approximately 70 lbs., wiry build, no shirt, orange shorts and possibly wearing black surf sandals. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective D.D. Malone at 963-556-4724, or the Office Dog, same number. FOLLOW-UP: Will come back tomorrow if we can, (they are calling for the Storm of the Century) and set up a tree fort for secret surveillance. Aside from all of our usual gadgets, we will need a map, compass, binoculars, rope, camera, comic books, a slingshot, snacks, notepad and Office Dog's teddy bear. CITATIONS WRITTEN UP FOR: Trespassing, surfing, disturbing the peace, not obeying beach rules and making me break my alarm clock. "A RUDE AWAKENING!!"







FILE NO. 203-1441